NFL Football

Oakland Raiders (6-10)


Date Player Status
1/7 S. Wright concussion (Out)
12/31 S. Wright concussion (Out)
12/31 V. Alexander concussion (Doubtful)
12/31 T. Hester ankle (Out)
12/31 D. McDonald knee (Questionable)
12/31 D. Sharpe illness (Questionable)
12/31 J. Nelson shoulder (Out)
12/27 R. Melvin hand (IR)
12/25 A. Cooper ankle (Questionable)
12/25 M. Edwards Jr. ankle (Out)
12/25 T. Hester ankle (Out)
12/25 R. Hudson ankle, illness (Questionable)
12/25 B. Irvin concussion (Questionable)
12/25 K. McGill knee, illness (Questionable)
12/23 R. Melvin hand (Out)
12/23 C. Walford concussion (IR)
12/22 J. Feliciano concussion (IR)
12/22 D. Penn right foot (IR)
12/17 E. Lamur foot (Questionable)
12/17 A. Cooper ankle (Out)
12/17 M. Edwards Jr. ankle (Out)
12/17 J. Feliciano concussion (Questionable)
12/17 K. McGill knee (Questionable)
12/17 C. Walford concussion, neck (Out)
12/15 O. Melifonwu hip (IR)
12/14 R. Melvin hand (Out)
12/13 C. James knee (IR)
12/10 R. Melvin hand (Out)
12/10 A. Cooper ankle (Questionable)
12/10 J. Feliciano concussion (Out)
12/10 C. James knee (Doubtful)
12/10 J. Ward foot (Doubtful)
12/3 R. Melvin hand (Out)
12/3 D. Martin concussion (Out)
12/3 A. Cooper concussion, ankle (Out)
12/3 G. Jackson ankle (Questionable)
12/3 C. James knee (Questionable)
11/26 J. Holton concussion (Questionable)
11/26 G. Jackson ankle (Questionable)
11/26 C. James knee (Questionable)
11/19 G. Jackson ankle (Questionable)
11/19 C. James knee (Questionable)
11/19 D. Carrier hamstring (Questionable)
11/13 G. Conley shin (IR)
11/12 D. Carrier hamstring (Doubtful)
11/6 D. McCray knee (IR)
11/5 G. Conley shin (Out)
11/5 G. Jackson ankle (Questionable)
11/5 C. James knee (Questionable)
11/5 K. Joseph groin (Questionable)
11/5 M. Lee ankle (Questionable)
11/5 N. Morrow ankle (Questionable)
10/29 R. Melvin concussion (Out)
10/29 K. Wilber knee (Questionable)
10/29 G. Conley shin (Out)
10/29 C. James knee (Questionable)
10/29 K. Joseph groin (Doubtful)
10/29 M. Lee ankle (Questionable)
10/29 N. Morrow ankle (Questionable)
10/29 M. King right groin (Questionable)
10/19 G. Conley shin (Out)
10/19 C. James knee (Questionable)
10/19 M. Lee ankle (Questionable)
10/19 N. Morrow ankle (Questionable)
10/15 G. Conley shin (Out)
10/15 C. James knee (Questionable)
10/15 M. Lee ankle (Out)
10/15 D. Washington hamstring (Questionable)
10/14 A. Hamilton knee (Injured-Reserve (DFR))
10/8 S. Wright back (Questionable)
10/8 T. Whitehead pectoral (Questionable)
10/8 R. Melvin hamstring, ankle (Questionable)
10/8 D. Carr back (Questionable)
10/8 G. Conley shin (Questionable)
10/8 G. Jackson foot (Questionable)
10/8 D. Washington hamstring (Questionable)
10/1 G. Conley shin (Questionable)
10/1 K. McGill foot (Questionable)
9/25 T. Carradine high ankle sprain (Injured-Reserve (DFR))
9/24 J. Nelson quadricep (Questionable)
9/24 S. Smith neck, shoulder (Questionable)
9/17 S. Smith neck (Questionable)
9/17 K. McGill foot (Questionable)
9/10 G. Conley shin (Questionable)
9/10 C. James knee (Questionable)
9/10 K. McGill foot (Out)
9/10 I. Silberman lumbar (Out)
9/9 S. Janikowski back (IR)
9/5 D. Kirkland leg (IR)
9/5 O. Melifonwu knee surgery (Injured-Reserve (DFR))
9/3 D. McCray undisclosed (IR)
8/24 T. Mitchel abdomen (IR)
8/23 M. Lucas undisclosed (IR)
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